RAL Defender Player Pant


Color: Dark Green
Size Size: 2

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Light, washable and warm Defender

The phrase "warm and comfortable" is the first thing that comes to mindALL YOURSThe concept is "light, washable and warm" with quilted fabric with batting, which is a classic winter item.Defender.. This new work has the function of this DefenderRAL meets ALL YOURS / Defender Player Pantis.


Easy to move and handle 100% polyester

The quilting used in the Defender series has been made of 100% polyester from this season, from the batting to the fabric that wraps it, without using cotton. As a result, it is lighter than before, dries faster after washing, and has elasticity, making it more adaptable to activities.


A warm look that suits the winter season

The outer fabric used is this summerFast Pass ShortIt is exactly the same as the one used in. Of course, it has excellent elasticity and dries quickly, but its expression as if it is blended with wool that does not seem to be 100% polyester has a warm texture that matches the winter season. I am. The base was released this springPlayer Pantis. It was leased after being light, easy to move, and dries quickly, and its excellent functionality and simple looks made it very popular as pants that can be used in various outdoor fields from all over the city.


Convenient and easy-to-use gimmick

The waist can be easily adjusted with a strap, and the buckle that can be attached and detached with one touch is very convenient. The large right back pocket is divided into two by stitching, which is very convenient for storing keys, smartphones, bandanas, etc. separately. Especially in the front pocket, the smartphone fits comfortably, and even if you ride a bicycle with them stored and pedal, you will not feel any stress at all. In some cases, you don't even know where you put it.

Available in two colors, Gray and Dark Green. Both have a calm atmosphere, making it easy to match and match whatever color tops and shoes you choose.  


[MATERIAL] Polyester 100%

[ORIGIN] JAPAN, Ishikawa

[SIZE] * Will be the actual size

(2 / Ladies M) Waist 61.5 ~ 86cm Hip 101.2cm Rise 25.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 67.0cm around the hem 30.0cm

(3 / Men ’s S) Waist 65.5 ~ 90cm Hip 105.2cm Rise 26.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 69.0cm around the hem 31.0cm

(4 / Men ’s M) Waist 69.5 ~ 94cm Hip 109.2cm Rise 27.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 71.0cm around the hem 32.8cm

(5 / Men ’s L) Waist 73.5 ~ 100 cm Hip 113.2 cm Rise 28.7 cm Inseam 74.0 cm around the peach 73.0 cm Around the hem 34.0 cm

(6 / Men ’s XL) West 77.5 ~ 104cm Hip 117.2cm Rise 29.7cm Inseam 74.0 cm around the peach 75.0cm Around the hem 34.6cm

* Values are actual sizes. The waist value (~ cm) is the value when the rubber is stretched.

(2 / Lady's M) Waist 61.5 ~ 86cm Hip 101.2cm Rise 26.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Width 33.5cm Hem width 15.0cm

(3 / Men's S) Waist 65.5 ~ 90cm Hip 105.2cm Rise 27.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Width 34.5cm Hem width 15.5cm

(4 / Men's M) Waist 69.5 ~ 94cm Hip 109.2cm Rise 28.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Width 35.5cm Hem width 16.4cm

(5 / Men's L) Waist 73.5 ~ 100cm Hip 113.2cm Rise 29.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Width 36.5cm Hem width 17.0cm

(6 / Men's XL) Waist 77.5c ~ 104cm Hip 117.2cm Rise 30.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Width 37.5cm Hem width 17.3cm

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