DEEPER'S WEAR High Kick Jeans


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"Let's go nobinobi."

A group of DEEPER'S WEAR items created in pursuit of the "functions" required of clothing in everyday life. They have functionality such as elasticity and water repellency, and they are everyday clothes that adapt to each person's environment without being bound by the framework of weather, geography, or age.


Based on a classic silhouette like Levi's 501, the line is slightly narrower from below the knee to the hem.

Above all, the best feature is the fabric. Cotton is the main fabric, but as the name "High Kick" implies, its elasticity far exceeds that of other stretch jeans. Not only when riding a bicycle, but also in daily life, you can spend time without feeling stress during the casual movements of standing and sitting. In fact, when I first wore these jeans and rode my bike, I was so surprised that I couldn't help but cry out for its comfort.

Anyway, its comfort that stretches well is not exaggerated to say that you will not feel stress even if you put on the duvet while wearing these jeans. I've been wearing it since last fall, but I don't see any signs of shape loss such as knees coming out.

It looks and feels like jeans made of 100% cotton, and when you put it on and wash it repeatedly, a very nice look will appear. In addition, you can enjoy the original pleasure of jeans, which is a little loose when you put it on, and it returns to the original tension when you wash it.

Made in Japan 91% cotton 7% polyester 2% polyurethane

・ W28 = Waist: 69.5cm / Rise: 27.5cm / Width: 29cm / Hem width: 16.5cm
・ W30 = Waist: 74.5cm / Rise: 28.5cm / Width: 30cm / Hem width: 17.5cm
・ W32 = Waist: 79.5cm / Rise: 29.5cm / Width: 31.5cm / Hem width: 18.5cm
・ W34 = Waist: 84.5cm / Rise: 30.5cm / Width: 32.5cm / Hem width: 19cm
・ W36 = Waist: 86.0cm / Rise: 31.5cm / Width: 33.5cm / Hem width: 19.5cm


  • One Wash
  • Black Wash
  • Camel / Camel

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