HUNTER CYCLES Rough Rider Disc Frame Set


Color: Matt Black

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Hunter Cycles, run by the genius frame builder Rick Hunter, is designed and manufactured by a man who ran all the way through the land of California, always pursuing the ultimate form and function based on his own sense and experience. It has been.

Without being bound by the small frame of so-called categories such as genres and car models, we create products without compromise between the technology we have cultivated and the sense of cyclist's desire. From the moment you straddle the form and function of a hunter, your bike life will surely turn into truth.

Rough riders with the best handling and comfort performance at a high level in the road conditions that change from on-road to gravel road, which is extremely common in Santa Cruz where Rick has spent a long time, are the way to play that day. By changing the wheels of 2 sizes from 700c to 650b according to the situation, you can control your play field correctly and freely.

Manufacturing a bike beautifully and correctly does not mean that you should be at the forefront of the trend by packing the latest specs abundantly, but that the materials and ideas are in the right place based on the specs that the rider can use up. It means to place it. This rough rider's tubing uses an ultra light tube that combines lightness and strength, and a hunter-specific segment fork is set up, so the front is not too hard and not too soft, and the feeling of rigidity is more than enough on the cockpit. It will keep the rider in a relaxed state at all times and will allow you to concentrate on pedaling and handling.

* It is a set of frame and segment fork.
* All three colors have the same geometry.



 Top tube length (horizontal conversion) 535mm
Seat tube length (C-T)
Head tube length
Head angle
Seat angle
Head tube
1-1 / 8 "Head Tube 
F: 100mm x 12mm / R: 142mm x 12mm
tire size
700c & 650b
Tire clearance
700c Up to 40mm / 650b Up to 47mm
DISC BRAKE (International Standard)
68mm normal thread 
Yellow, Matt Black & Beige

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