MAEDA CRACKER Way to Go High Protein Cookie "Coffee"


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Maeda Confectionery, which is familiar with the phrase of Maeda's crackers, made sports cookies. Five pieces are contained in one bag, and it is made for endurance sports and outdoor nutrition.

Emphasis is placed on fortification, functionality, and portability.
It contains 5 individual meals that can take 215 kcal in one bag, high protein and 3 kinds of vitamins, and amino acid "betaine" which is said to be effective for improving muscle strength and relieving fatigue.

There is no compromise on the taste, and the quality is such that you can eat up like a normal sweet.



Capacity: 5 sheets

Ingredients: Sugar (domestic), soybeans (not genetically modified), butter, powdered bean paste, vegetable fats and oils, chocolate chips, defatted soybeans, wheat flour, shortening, coffee, processed coffee products, salt / trehalose, swelling agents, emulsifiers, betaines , Fragrance, VC, colorant (caramel), caffeine, extracted VE, niacin, Ca pantothenate, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, VA, folic acid, VD, V.B12, (partly wheat・ Including milk ingredients and soybeans)

Best-by date: 10 months from the date of manufacture

Energy / 215kcal, protein / 7.5g, fat / 10.9g, carbohydrate / 23.0g (sugar / 20.5g, dietary fiber / 2.5g), salt equivalent / 0.9g, vitamin B1 / 0.30mg, B2 / 0.68mg, B6 / 0.70mg, caffeine / 50mg

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