VANS Slip On Pro

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The classic skate shoes are also good for bicycles!

Established in 1966, VANS became one of the brands that many skaters loved by the beginning of the 1970s when its durable upper and sole with excellent grip became a hot topic.

After the appearance of Era in 1976, Slip On was launched in 1979 with the concept of "shoes that can be worn immediately and can be skateboarded immediately" and is still a popular model as a standard model.

This Slip On Pro uses ULTRACUSH, which is based on polyurethane, for the cup insole, and is a pair of professional skater lines with excellent cushioning that absorbs strong impact at landing.

Due to its durability and high grip, it is recommended for people who need intense pedaling, such as BMX and track bikes, even in the city.



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