CHRIS KING Custom Wheel Set HED Belgium Plus Disc R45D 700C 28/28



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Delivery time: 3 to 6 weeks

The wheel set is assembled by a skilled wheel builder in the Chris King factory after receiving your order.


If you have "feet", we have a wheel set for every ride to make up for it. This is the "ROAD" category wheel, but not who decides what to call "ROAD". The HED Belgium Plus disc is designed for the Chris King R45D hub with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Very smooth bearings and a lightweight hubshell are the most versatile and reliable aluminum "road" wheels for racing use.


The HED Belgium Plus Disc is a versatile rim built from a deep cycling history. The 25mm wide Belgian Plus disc provides round contacts for a wider tire profile, reduced rolling resistance and a more supple ride, and is also tubeless for a smoother ride. HED is one of the strongest road rims you can own, shot peening all rims and welding seams.


The Chris King R45D is available in the center lock and is the pinnacle based on over 30 years of bearing experience and over 20 years of hub manufacturing experience. The R45 rear hub incorporates lower drag and near-immediate engagement, a lightweight hub body, and legendary in-house manufactured bearings to create a 45-tooth redesigned RingDrive ™ system for road use. It's a perfect combination.

Our bearings are available in steel and ceramic, and the steel used in medical device grades is machined to perfectly match the inner and outer races. The quality and performance of our bearings will save cyclists even when they're away from the race, and you'll find it comfortable on every ride. As the trajectory of Chris King's bearings wears, it speeds up over the years, and hubs and bearings have been hard to use for years.

The patented RingDrive ™ will engage all 45 points of teeth at the same time, delivering force to the ground faster than any hub. And bring that legendary Chris King sound to your rivals.


・ All processes are carried out in Chris King's own factory.
・ Center lock The lock ring is sold separately and is essential for installation.
HED Belgium Plus Disc Alignment Clincher Rim is a tubeless disc rim made for additional volume and long distance comfort
・ Tubeless slim tape is attached to this wheel set.
・ Lifetime warranty for hubs specified by Chris King
・ Two-year crash replacement policy supported by Chris King
・ 1 year HED warranty on rims

Other Details

Rim: HED Belgium Plus Disc
Wheel Size: 700
Rim Type: Clincher / Tubeless Compatible
External Width (mm): 25
Internal Width (mm): 20
Rim Depth (mm): 24
Hub Configuration: 28/28 R45D
HUB Options: Shimano or SRAM XDR
Spokes: Sapim CX Ray
Nipples: Alloy Black, Alloy Silver or Brass Silver
Lacing Pattern: 3-Cross
Rim Weight (g): 465
Front Wheel Weight (g): 780
Rear Wheel Weight (g): 885
Total Wheel Weight (g): 1665

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