GORILLA SPUN Order Made Wheel for H PLUS SON "The Hydra"


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The current price is the price of two front and rear rims.

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H PLUS SON is a rim maker that has an excellent design, a unique rim shape that is different from other rim brands, and a balance of strength and accuracy at a relatively affordable price range.

The Hydra rim is the first H PLUS SON rim developed exclusively for disc brakes.

The 25mm wide rim is compatible with slightly thicker tires used for cyclocross and gravel roads, and it is quite light with a weight of 455g while having strength that does not make you feel even if you thrust it into the gravel.

Also, since it is tubeless compatible, it can be used tubeless depending on the tire choice.

There are 28H and 32H holes in the lineup, so you can assemble your favorite wheel according to your needs.

Color: Matte Black / Mat Gray

Number of holes: 28H / 32H

・ Weight: 455 grams
・ Material: G609 Alloy
・ Height: 23 mm
・ Width: 25 mm
・ Size: 700c
・ Joint: Welded
・ Tubeless Compatible
・ For Disc Brakes
・ ERD: 589



Get a bicycle, make your heart dance and go the way as your heart goes.
Sometimes I go on a road without a road.
I can assure you that this is the best time.

A tool "bicycle" that supports such a great time,
Your feet and wheels keep spinning around at your feet.

After all, I think "Isn't it a little easier?"
You also think, "I want to be a little cooler."
I want to respond to such thoughts, with that as the starting lineGorilla SpunWas born.


Wheels are made up of a wide variety of parts such as rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, tires, tubes and rim tapes.
Rather, there are too many parts and I don't know what to choose based on which criteria. I think there are many people like that.
There, every day, Circles mechanics who touch many partsLet's choose the parts that you feel "this is good" and let them propose them as wheels! By doing so, I thought that the hand-assembled wheels would be closer to you and you would be satisfied with their quality.

Why don't you take this opportunity to get your own wheels?

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