GSI OUTDOORS Halulite Minimalist


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GSI is an outdoor cookware manufacturer founded in Santiago. In addition to excellent quality and technical capabilities, the unique and creative design created from the attitude of seriously wanting to enjoy the outdoors continues to attract outdoor enthusiasts.

Halulite MinimalistA minimalist cook set that allows you to cook, eat, and drink. This product features a 0.6L pot, a pot insulation cover, a pot gripper, a dual-purpose lid, and spokes. Boil water in a pot and lift it with the included compact gripper. The compact gripper is bright orange and has a magnet embedded in it, so you can attach it to the gas can of the stove when not in use. You can also drink freeze-dried food and hot drinks with boiling water. Gas cans and burners can be stored easily and are not bulky.

Compact and lightweightThe Halulite Minimalist will be a handy item for mountains, touring, solo camps and more.

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