RAL Camp Hat


Color: R / Navy
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I like cycling caps, but more than that, I love wearing simple caps. A familiar presence that you can always wear, whether you are riding a bicycle or not.

And we thought it was time to make a RAL cap, FairEnds I asked for it.

Originally a design worker in Brooklyn, New York, Ben, a true cyclist, started Fair Enz in 2011 with his business partner Martin, who still lives in Brooklyn. With a production base in California from the beginning, we have an office and studio in Missoula, Montana.

They don't just make caps, they make them while imagining what kind of scenery they should have in the future, Ben is in Montana, where nature spreads, and Martin is in the big city of New York. Because they are two people, they have a strong desire to make caps that many people can wear in various places, and the basis of manufacturing is that they are extremely simple and easy to pick up, not expensive. I have put it.

Last yearA cap to commemorate the 10th anniversary of CirclesIt's new to me that I asked them to make a cap, but this time I asked them to make a basic cotton cap that is active in all seasons. I marked the familiar RAL logo embroidery there.

The cap has a moderate depth that is easy for many people to match, and its beautiful silhouette when worn. It is easy to wear in various fields regardless of the season, and you can't let go of it. All three colors are our favorites because we decided on the colors because we were worried about them.

Where are you going to wear this? 

100% Cotton Twill
One size fits all, adjustable with nylon webbing strap and plastic closure

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