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Solid fuel standard

You can easily ignite with one match. Since it is a small tablet of 4g, you can adjust the heating power to burn at one time as needed, such as preheating a generator such as a gasoline stove when warming a drink a little. Burning time is about 5 minutes with one tablet, but you can adjust the burning time by adding it to the stove. Since the heating power is 28kcal per tablet, if you want to increase the heating power, add 2 to 4 at the same time.

Esbit solid fuel
Esbit's solid fuel burns with a stable flame even in high mountains and below freezing points, generates heat well with a thermal efficiency of 7,000 kcal / kg, does not emit smoke, and burns with almost no burnt residue. Useful for outdoor activities such as campfires, barbecue charcoal fires, stove preheating, cooking and boiling. It has a flash point of about 400 ° C and does not spontaneously ignite or explode, so it can be stored safely. It is also very useful in times of natural disasters and large-scale disasters. (Highly flammable liquid and gas fuels are problematic in terms of portability and safety. Alcoholic solid fuels that liquefy when burned are also dangerous.) Esbit is used in Europe and other foreign countries such as Germany and Switzerland. It is also used in the military. In addition to cooking food, it is also used for boiling water that is not suitable for drinking, thawing frozen foods, and disinfecting medical equipment.
Esbit is used as a military item and also in expeditions, and has been proven to be a safe and reliable fuel.

Characteristics of Esbit solid fuel
● No explosiveness
● No liquefaction during combustion
● No spark
● High calorie 7,000 Kcal / kgs
● Almost no unburned ash
● No visible smoke
● 1 box (4g x 20 tablets)
● Burning time: 1 tablet, about 5 minutes
● Made in Germany


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