HAYES CX Pro Disc Brake

Size Size: 140mm

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There are many mechanical disc brakes, but it's hard to find a silver one.

What's more, this haze (which used to be synonymous with disc brakes ...) is a hidden masterpiece that is compatible with many STI levers because it has a light pull and is a regular pull pull. It is said that. In addition to the caliper body, the rotor, brake outer, brake inner wire, etc. are included in the set, and the high cost performance is a must-see, so be sure to know Haze's CX disc brakes.



Size (rotor): 140mm, 160mm
Weight (caliper only): 195g
Specifications: Mechanical
Brake pads: Semi-metal
Corresponding brake: Regular pull (caliper, cantilever brake)
Piston: Single pod
Set contents: Brake caliper, rotor, brake wires, outer cap, end cap, bolt
* For both front and rear

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