TANGESEIKI Cartridge BB LN-3922

Size Size: 113mm

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It is a simple square taper BB that can be used for many car models from single speed to MTB.

The LN-3922, a square taper BB made by Tange, which has made a name for itself in Japan and overseas for its head parts, BB, and high-quality pipe production, is inexpensive but durable by adopting an aluminum cup, and can be loaded from a single. , MTB cranks can be widely used.

Currently, many types such as Hollow Tech II and other outboards and press fits are derived, but the square taper is still active. Recommended for bicycle tune-up such as repair and weight reduction!



Shaft material: Chromoly
Corresponding shell width: 68mm
Standard: Square taper (BSA / JIS)
Corresponding shaft length: 107, 110, 113, 118, 122.5mm
Cup: BC 1.37 × 24T

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