MAAP Box Line Dot Bidon

Size Size: Transparent

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MAAP Cycling Apparel is designed in Melbourne, Australia and manufactured in Italy. It can be said that it is a high-quality cycling wear brand that creates a timeless style with a wide range of ladies' items as well as men's wear that is made using high-quality materials and dropped into the optimum pattern for riding.

Bottles with the MAAP logo are made by Tacx The cap with a built-in membrane adopts a structure that does not come out unless the bottle is lightly grasped. If you keep it open, you don't have to worry about leaks or the troublesome opening and closing of the spout while riding, and you can quickly rehydrate from the state of being inserted in the bottle cage. You can also lock the spout, so it's safe to carry. The body is relatively soft, and the mouthpiece opens and closes smoothly. It is also possible to put a large amount of ice by adopting a screw cap.
--Size: 500ml

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