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Pao Pao worn by Pepe from the comic "Eggplant" based on Iou Kuroda

Have you ever seen the Japanese animated movie "Nasu: Summer in Andalusia / Migratory Birds in Suitcases" on the theme of bicycle road racing?

Iou Kuroda A beer maker-sponsored bicycle team to which Pepe Benenheli, a character from the original comic "Eggplant", belongs."Pao Pao" design cycle wear.

Product Features

  • [Aerofit®] A stretch material that prevents sweat from getting wet again due to its high water absorption and diffusivity, and does not cause discomfort or stickiness.
  • [Speed Sensor ®] A material developed by wind tunnel experiments that reduces air resistance to the utmost limit.
  • [3D-R] All-round pad with 3-layer cushion placed in place for all riding postures

 Size: S, M, L, XL, 3L

size D: Waist K: Inseam
(159-3D, 156MEGA, 153)
K: Inseam
S 70~78 9.5 16.5
M 74~82 10 16.5
L 78~86 10.5 16.5
XL 82~90 11 16.5
3L 86~94 11.5 16.5


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