CAFE DU CYCLISTE W's Martine Winter Tights


COLOR: Black
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Martine Winter Bib Tights are heat-retaining bib tights made from a soft, soft fleece fabric. The functional pattern is well thought out for smooth pedaling and gives an impressive look to its simple look. A strap is provided on the hem to prevent the fabric from slipping due to pedaling, and the three-colored stripes are a stylish accent even though it is invisible. The pad is not attached, and it is a model that you can wear with your bib shorts.


Size: Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Adaptation size: XS (waist circumference ~ 66 cm, hips ~ 92 cm, length ~ 74.5 cm)
S (waist circumference 66-71 cm, hips 92-97 cm, length 74.5-76 cm)
M (waist circumference 71-76 cm, hips 97-102 cm, length 76-77.5 cm)
L (waist circumference 76-81 cm, hips 102-107 cm, length 77.5-78.5 cm)
XL (waist circumference ~ 86 cm, hips 107 ~ cm, length 78.5 ~ cm)
Material: Material: 57% Polyamide, 27% Polyester, 15% Elasten

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