ASSOS Uma GT Winter Bib Tights

Color: Black
Size Size: XS

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Women-only bib tights ideal for early to midwinter

UMA GT WINTER BIB TIGHTS uses "RX HEAVY", a brushed back fleece material with excellent heat retention. Women's bib tights with excellent cold protection, which are most often seen throughout the winter.

Two-layer heat-retaining fleece "RX HEAVY"

Among the ASSOS original fleece materials, "RX HEAVY" material, which has the highest heat retention, is mainly used. The front panel, which receives the running wind, prevents the intrusion of cold air by stacking two "RX HEAVY" from the thighs to below the knees. The tights are finished so that you can feel the warmth even when the outside temperature is 5 degrees or less.

RX LIGHT fleece, a material for the soles of the legs that takes heat dissipation and ease of movement into consideration

The panel on the back of the leg is made of thin, lightweight and breathable RX LIGHT fleece material. RX LIGHT discharges excess heat and stuffiness during exercise, which makes it difficult for sweat to collect on the back of the knee and keeps the body temperature constant even during the day when the temperature rises. In addition, as a result of arranging the RX light with high elasticity on the back side of the knee, it is easy to follow the movement of the joints, enabling smoother pedaling than ever before.

A sense of security that you can spend the whole winter with this

You can use it comfortably from the temperature at the start of the morning around 0 ℃ to the maximum temperature during the day near 15 ℃. In many parts of Japan, we recommend it as bib tights that you can rest assured that you can spend the whole winter.

Regular fit that is easy for anyone to wear

Due to the high expansion and contraction rate of the entire material and the pattern with few changes according to the riding posture, it is characterized by a soft fit without excess or deficiency. The regular fit with less tightening is recommended as a product that is easy for anyone to wear.


The pad with black color on the surface is based on the S7 LADY pad, which has a proven track record for women, and is equipped with 8 mm thick memory foam. In addition to high cushioning, Asos's unique patented technology is incorporated. The 3D waffle increases the breathability of the entire pad and contributes to weight reduction. GOLDEN GATE floats both sides of the pad to reduce frictional skin damage and provide the best fit. It is an optimized pad that collects pelvic data from many women.

Outstanding stability and stress-free upper body

The upper body uses the proven Y7 frame structure. The wide and flexible strap has a structure that disperses the pressure applied to the chest, shoulders and back, and fits neatly in a Y shape between the shoulder blades so that you do not feel the stress you are wearing. The back panel works well as a stabilizer that limits vertical expansion and contraction and stabilizes the pad position.

Monobib structure that is kind to the female body

ASSOS women's bibs (suspenders) have a "mono bib" structure that descends in a Y-shape so as not to interfere with women's breasts. By adopting a magnet for the front buckle, it is very easy to put on and take off. In addition, there is no trouble that it will come off when dancing.
* Since the neck and back are connected to the main body, it is necessary to take off your jacket and then the suspenders when washing your hands.

Compatible with various scenes

The fabric with ECO water repellent treatment protects the body from the coldness caused by getting wet by repelling water on the surface of the fabric if it is drizzle or light rain. The fabric is treated with antibacterial treatment, which also has the effect of suppressing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, reflective material is placed on the back of the thighs to improve visibility from the rear and give consideration to safety at night and in tunnels.


Unit: cm

size full length West inseam Cross width Hem width Suspenders length
XS 108 45 64 21.5 9 32
S 113.5 47 64.5 21.5 9 34
M 118 54 67 22 9 34
L 121 60 68 23 9.5 36


A feeling of size: Ladies regular fit
Material: 81% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 4% Polyester
Country of origin: Bulgaria

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