ASSOS Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS


Color: Black
Size Size: XS

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Adopted new materials, shapes and pads
Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts C2 T GTS

The Mille GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS are brand new bib shorts with excellent two-layer pads and fatigue-reducing materials. It's perfect for long ride support and cyclists looking for great comfort during their daily workouts.

Adopting the S9 series pattern that is active in the racing scene, wrapping the foot with a "butterfly" lower consisting of two panels, fixing the pad in place even when pedaling, and minimizing seams By doing so, the friction with the skin has been reduced to the utmost limit. The upper X-bib straps have adjusted elasticity throughout, and the rear has an intersection of the two straps, forming an A-frame for stability by limiting vertical stretch. Is increasing.

The main material, OSSIDIA, provides the ideal balance of friction-free comfort and compression to support your muscles. The warp-knitted fabric is knitted with extra-fine elastic threads to hold the muscles. It is breathable and provides a silky smooth feel along the hips and thighs.

And at the heart of GTS is a brand new pad that uses shape memory foam and a honeycomb topsheet. This multi-layer cushioning system provides dual density structural support focused on the ischium. The 3D-structured surface fabric and holes in the crotch area called krater Coole increase breathability and provide comfort to the skin.


  • OSSIDIA: 40 gauge warp knit textile. Developed for compression hold and ultra-soft feel to the skin. 195g / m2, UPF 50+, wicking, built-in minerals for odor control, freshness and temperature regulation, and extremely durable.
  • GTS Insert: A new insert for the MILLE GT line with 2 layers, 2 density memory foam construction and honeycomb topsheet. It has been tuned for optimal support and breathability, especially on long rides.
  • 3D Waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that enhances breathability and eliminates extra weight.
  • kraterCooler: A system of small holes on the front of the insert that increases air flow and keeps sensitive areas cool.
  • goldenGate: A patented technical feature that interrupts stitching along both side panels of the insert allows for more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive rotation area.
  • A-Lock Engineering: A c2 regular Fit system consisting of new textiles and technologies that stabilize shorts and lock inserts in place.
  • Butterfly pattern: The main textile panel that completely wraps around the waist and legs and comes together at the rear. The fewer seams, the more uniform the hold, the less weight and the more comfort you have.
  • ergoBox: A square pattern structure that effectively frames the insert on the back and surrounds it with a box for added stability.
  • zeroWaist: Raw-cut, tape-reinforced edges for the smoothest possible transition between the body and fabric panels. More comfortable with less pressure.
  • regularFit: A more relaxed cut than the second skin racingFit, optimized for full comfort in the riding position.
  • superFlat Xbib: A single section of elastic material (which itself is folded back) forms a support A frame that limits the vertical stretch of the rear.
  • Ultralight leg gripper: Minimal silicone treatment keeps the shorts in place without undue pressure.


Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Material: 80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane
Climber range: SUMMER 1/3 (ASSOS LAYERING SYSTEM summer model)


size West inseam Cross width Around the hem
XS 54cm 26cm 21cm 18cm
60cm 26cm 21.5cm 18.5cm
64cm 28cm 22cm 19cm
70cm 28cm 22.5cm 19.5cm
74cm 29cm 23cm 20cm

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