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A mountain gear brand launched by two designers who are both hikers and cyclists, with the concept of "to all hikers who love mountains and nature".RawLow Mountain Works.. Keeping in mind the initial urge to design what they want to use, each product group with the spirit of "creating only what they want to create" has their message in it.

RawLow Mountain Works Aimed for a seamless dayhike backpack.It is a seamless mountain gear that can be used firmly in hike and blends into the city without any discomfort even when approaching or after descending the mountain.

Of course, not only the appearance but also the gears made by them who know all about play are easy to use and are designed to be very easy to use in the mountains and everyday.

Bambi has no gimmicks, but it is thoroughly designed with a sense of size, usability, and comfort on the back. With a capacity of 26 to 28L, it is easy to use in daily life, and it is a size that can be used for day hikes and staying in a hut.

The feature is that the balance between the body and the harness is designed so that the weight rides on the upper body, so it fits regardless of height. In addition, the back pad of the inner urethane foam can be taken out, and you can replace it with your favorite one.

X-PAC, which is resistant to tearing and rubbing and resistant to waterUsed for the main fabric. It is lighter than normal Bambi.

The secret of ease of use is the large-capacity out pocket and bottle pocket. The bottle pockets on both sides are large, about 1.5L on one side, and can accommodate two 500ml PET bottles and a Nalgene 1L bottle.
In addition, the standard thermos bottle in winter, as well as the outer shell and bulky Therm-a-Rest Z sheet can be stored with plenty of room, and it can be used in various ways depending on the packing.

Capacity: 26-28L
Weight: 450g
Size: H450mm ~ 600mm / W380mm / 190mm

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