I think food is more important than anything else.

It's a story that may not have anything to do with the text or bicycles at all, but when you see a luxury foreign car that is unlikely to be available to ordinary people like us, it's a gyudon restaurant or something else. It's a type that makes me feel very disappointed.

It's more like me to think deeply and to be a little stubborn about things, and it's often the one that comes to me, but there are also seasonal words that are born in this volatile and volatile era.

Recently, when I see vegetables sold at large 24-hour supermarkets that use slow life, sustainability, and other popular words in advertisements because they are popular words without thinking too much about them. I'm just as disappointed with this.

I think that in order to get something delicious and healthy in the city, you have to make an effort, but people are a little foolish to say that they are particular about these efforts. It is also used with the meaning of making it.

In other words, this is also a shame in a different sense.

Two eateries, Early Birds in Circles and Pine Fields Market in Culture Club, are adjacent to our bike shop.

It may be difficult to simply compare the two markets of the food and beverage industry and the bicycle industry, but anyone should be able to understand the difference in the amount of culture created by its size and diversification. For example, I think that most of the customers who come to Circles' restaurant Early Birds think that the restaurant has a bicycle shop.

When I first started eating and drinking, I was young and naive, so I thought in my heart, "No, don't be silly," but after all, a simple competitor in the restaurant industry. It is overwhelming without having to compare the number of bicycles with the bicycle industry, and with that understanding, rivals in the same industry respect each other's work and site, and help each other as much as in trouble. When I was able to experience the community, I was able to show a sad difference in power.

Think carefully about clothing, food, and housing

I once blanked out the framework of the bicycle, which I had faced as a simple hobby, and firmly faced what I could do as a "living" for clothing, food, and housing, and thought about it at a bicycle shop called Circles. Although it is the origin of the bicycle, it is also a combination of the essence and methodology of personal work that has been derived by experiencing the world of "clothing" as big as food in the past, and the image that leads to sales. If possible, the core of the store's creation is to think that at least its convenience will be conveyed to people who are not usually interested in bicycle tools.

Complex industries are not uncommon in the past, starting in department stores, and nowadays many clothing companies sell furniture and plates, and MUJI even operates outdoor activity facilities such as "houses" and "campgrounds." I also do it. I now think that it is a very ordinary business form that many companies are doing, but I never imagined that I would develop a restaurant in Circles before I started this business. ..

So why did you decide to get started? The answer to the question I've asked dozens of times in the past is very simple, and the people who made me think that I want to work together, do something that no one is doing together, are the best of Circles. It means that it happened to an early customer. He's just leaning forward in everything, how are you doing? A man with such a spirit that when I asked one, he got more than 10 answers, gave us a chance to challenge Circles.

What is important to us

Early Birds Breakfast operates under the concept of an American-style breakfast shop, but the most important concept is more than the menu and its contents.When do you start businesswas.

Of course, many people say that the culture of morning is firmly rooted in Nagoya and its suburbs, but that culture is simply a large number of pure coffee shops that still exist, and basically a pure coffee shop is 40. Many were made during the growing season about a year ago, and most of them have no heirs at present, and I know that they are probably nearing the end as a culture, and that little melancholic is taken up by the media. I think. To put it simply, there are few facts that so many people go to a pure coffee shop on a daily basis.

However, many young people living in the city also need breakfast, and I think that many of them eat bagels with a tumbler in one hand at a major coffee chain store from early morning, and convenience stores are ubiquitous and cheap. Offers a wide variety of instant foods. It's a little personal story, but when asked what my favorite activity in traveling abroad is, I always say that I'm looking for breakfast. Because, there are many local restaurants of private shops (independent shops) in any city, big or small, and it is comfortable from early morning (about 5:00 AM) with a rich menu full of various personalities. They provide services and it makes me really happy to have breakfast at such a restaurant. And in other countries, the percentage of people who are self-employed is very high, and whether you can use your time freely, many shops are quite busy even on weekdays, and the act of blending into such local daily life in the same way is amazing. I can't say it and it feels really good.

Such a personal experience created a place called Early Birds, but it firmly took root in the area, young people wielded their arms early in the morning, provided good service, and comfortably "Good morning" to everyone who came. If there is a place in our bicycle shop that cheerfully says "Welcome" and "Thank you", ask the staff of the bicycle shop, which is an industry with few competitors, what is important and important in work. I thought that I could convey it without a lengthy preaching, and on the contrary, in the scenery seen from the restaurant, people are actually "fixing" and "making" things, so it is not usually easy. I wanted restaurant customers to see the scenery that I couldn't encounter. And I'm really proud that so many people have begun to understand the meaning correctly in the eight years.

A new encounter is the beginning of a challenge

In any case, it's hard to change anything at the site where you select the ingredients, prepare them, cook them, and provide them with hospitality, and it's hard to think that it's a wonderful thing. I didn't like central kitchen shops anymore, and I didn't have to do things just for the price. And it seems from the bottom of my heart that it is a very luxurious and affluent act to be able to experience as a customer while looking at the inside of the restaurant and the kitchen that the people in the field who manage it have worked hard to create It also became.

I used to be proud to say that I wanted to increase the number of such affluent places in Nagoya, and when I was thinking hard about running a bicycle shop, I couldn't even think of it as a dust. Is really common in this industry? It was also true that he was made to think that he was an individualistic young man.

When I wanted to open a Culture Club and Pine Fields Market in the Matsubara area, thinking of a new store that looked a lot like Circles, but was completely different, there were passionate friends there. The affluent area and the consciousness of creating a site are firmly rooted in the beginning, and as with Chiyoda, the morning always comes to every area, so if possible, we should operate at the same time, especially in the morning. I also thought. The Matsubara area we chose happened to be a residential area with few shops, but there was one thing that was completely different from Chiyoda. There are many flower wholesaler markets in Matsubara where it starts to move from dawn at midnight, and I intuitively thought that it was a perfect place for us who have the theme of morning and people. .. Another thing I wanted to do in Matsubara was that it was a special property that could make "alleys", which is not so many in Nagoya, which is one of the major reasons I decided on Matsubara. (People who have visited the store should understand it.)